Tuition and Payment

Tuition and Fees

Payment Worksheet


  • Payment Worksheet – A tool to help you figure out your tuition.
  • Tuition is due at the time of registration, 如果在优先注册期间注册(仅限秋季和春季学期),则在延期付款日期之前注册。.
  • 学院要求在到期日(延期注册者)或夏季学期注册时支付100%的费用.

Payment Options

  • Pay in installments by enrolling in an eligible online payment plan.
  • 在注册日期(或延迟付款截止日期)之前,您的帐户上有未决的经济援助,以支付学期费用。
  • 是否有第三方赞助商在注册时全额支付学杂费的证明文件.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made using one of the methods listed below.

Pay online using Self Service via MyCCC.

Pay by mail using a check or money order.
Please make check or money order payable to ‘Camden County College’. Please write your student ID on all checks or money orders.

Pay in person at Registration Services at any of our three locations. 
Cash, check, money order and credit cards are accepted.
Registration Office Information

Pay via telephone  by calling the Business Office at 856-227-7200 ext. 4312.
If you are registering by fax, please include your credit card payment information on the payment form.


Paying for Non-Credit Courses (Continuing Education)
除了符合付费计划的课程外,学院要求在注册时支付100%的非学分课程. For more information call (856) 874-6004.

Tuition Waiver Programs

  • The College offers tuition waivers under various programs.
  • 申请学费减免的学生不能通过MyCCC使用自助服务在线注册.
  • 学生必须亲自到我们的三个地点之一填写适当的表格.
  • Even though the College waives the tuition, these costs may still appear in your balance in Self Service via MyCCC.

Indebtedness to the College

  • Final grades, 欠学院债的学生将不获发成绩单(正式的和非正式的)和文凭, nor will these students be permitted to register for the following semester.
  • 任何学生在未完成对学院的所有财务义务之前都不允许毕业.
  • If your bill remains unpaid for a period of time, 您的账户将被转至催收机构,您将负责全额支付过期余额以及CCC或代表CCC为履行您的财务义务而可能产生的任何催收和/或律师费.

Frequently asked Questions

What should I do if I applied for Financial Aid?

秋季学期的财政援助优先申请截止日期为5月1日,春季学期为9月1日.  After filing the FAFSA, 秋季学期的所有文件必须在6月1日提交,春季学期的所有文件必须在10月1日提交, in order to be considered for all available types of aid.  如果自助服务在你计划注册或支付账单的时候没有显示经济援助奖励, you should contact the Financial Aid Office. 

What is chargeback?

所有在全球赌博十大网站参加退款合格计划的县外学生(通常), 这是一个程序,不是由您居住的县提供)需要提交授权表格退款. 退款表格允许全球赌博十大网站向其他县收取教育县外学生的额外费用.

Click here for specific instructions regarding chargeback. 

What is the General Service Fee?

The general service fee is $40 per credit. This fee covers your student I.D.,停车贴,使用图书馆,开放式计算机实验室和其他一般全球赌博十大网站.  Also, 这笔费用中越来越多的一部分用于建设和改进我们的技术基础设施. 重要的是,我们不仅要跟上技术的步伐,还要在技术的基础上进行扩展. 

What is the Facility Fee?

The facility fee is $10 per credit. This fee is applied toward the construction of new facilities on campus.

What are the Course fees?

收取的课程费用用于支持某些课程使用的材料和设备.  These fees are not charged in all courses and vary when they are charged.  Course fees are listed in the schedule of classes for each term. 

What is the Hourly Instruction Fee?


How do I get a refund?

The Business Office issues refunds according to the following policy:

50% Refund for official drops processed during the drop/add period.
100% Refund for official drops processed prior to the start of the term.
0% Refund for withdrawals processed after the drop/add period or for non-attendance.

Late fees (if charged) are non-refundable. 非经济援助退款在学期的第三周之后每周发放一次. 如果您希望尽快获得非经济援助退款,请与商务办公室联系. Financial Aid refunds are automatically processed and mailed to the students. 一旦资金转移到您的账户,请允许两周的时间处理退款. 对于秋季学期,退款支票通常在10月的第三周寄出, and during the third week in March for the spring semester.

您现在可以通过MyCCC门户进入您的Touchnet帐户,并在自助服务中点击“支付中心”,注册电子退款. 只需在我的个人资料中使用有效的支票或储蓄账户设置电子退款.

Please Note: No refunds will be issued for drops processed after the deadlines. After the deadline, 不希望继续学习某门课程的学生必须退课. 必须填写退出表格,并在退出截止日期前提交给招生和注册服务办公室. Failure to do this may result in a failure grade.

What happens if I have a past due balance? 

You will not be able to access your grades, transcripts, or register for classes. 学院要求所有之前的余额在注册下一个学期之前全部支付. Once you have paid your prior balances, you may need to notify the Business Office in order to be permitted to register. Payments made will be applied to prior balances first. If your bill remains unpaid for a period of time, 您的账户将被转至催收机构,您将负责全额支付过期余额以及CCC或代表CCC为履行您的财务义务而可能产生的任何催收和/或律师费.

How can I get a copy of my 1098T (tax) form? 

符合条件的学生可以通过您的支付中心自助服务帐户在线获得1098T表格,并同意以电子方式接收表格. Forms will be available online or mailed by January 31st.

What is the Online & Hybrid Fee?

The Online-Hybrid fee is $40 per course. 这笔费用用于帮助支持在线课程使用的材料和设备.

What is the Barnes & Noble First Day Book Fee?

First Day courses use digital materials instead of physical textbooks. Students pay a discounted e-book rate during registration, and the materials are available in Canvas on the first day of class. This reduces overall costs for First Day students, who receive the lowest price available for the course materials.

What is the Nursing Semester Fee?

护理项目费用用于支付与护理项目相关的额外费用. Some of these costs include clinical and laboratory instruction, simulation systems, equipment and equipment maintenance, and instructional technology.


Contact Information

Business Office

Blackwood Campus, Taft Hall, Student Service Center
(856) 227-7200 ext. 4312
Fax: (856) 374-5043